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  • Chords #008: How To Play an F Major Bar Chord
  • Strumming #005: D-DUHUDU With FMaj and C7
  • Scales #008: Plotting The Natural Notes in Open Position on Paper
  • Picado #006: i-m-i & m-i-m on E and B strings
  • Chords #006: Aminor Open Position
  • Chords #008: Aminor & E7 switching
  • Arpeggio: p-i-m-a + Alternating Bass with C & G7
  • Strumming #006: DUHU with Amin & E7
  • Finger Independence: 1-2-3-4 from 5th-position-all-strings
  • Arpeggio #007: p-i-m-a-m-i
  • Arpeggio #008: p-i-m-a-m-i with Amin & E7
  • Finger Independence #001: 1-2-3-4 Off-On on the 1st String
  • Strumming #003: The DUHU Pattern
  • Strumming #001: The DDDD, UUUU, & DUDU Patterns
  • Strumming #002 : DDDD & DUDU Patterns
  • Chords #002: C Major in Open Position
  • Chords #004 C Major and D Minor in Open Position
  • Tremolo #001: An Introduction
  • Basics #007: TM40 Metronome Overview
  • Basics #006: What Is TAB?
  • Finger Independence #002: On-Off All Strings
  • Chords #005: C & G7 switching
  • Chords #007: E7 Open Position
  • Picado #002: I-M on the First String with metronome
  • Integration #001: Picado, Arpeggio, & Strumming
  • Basics #002: The Parts of the Guitar
  • Basics #003: The Names of the Strings
  • Strumming #004: The Hit-2-3 Pattern (from the song “To Live”)
  • Arpeggio #002: The P-I-M-I Picking Pattern
  • Picado #003: 1st and 2nd Strings
  • Arpeggio #006: P-I-M-I with Easy Chords C, Dm, G7, G
  • Arpeggio #004: P-I-M-A Exercise on Open Strings
  • Song: “Amazing Grace” – Easy
  • Scales #006: Natural Notes in Open Position On All 6 Strings
  • Basics #006: Choosing a Classical or Spanish Guitar
  • Arpeggio #003: P-I-M-I with Easy Chords C-G-G7
  • Chords #001: Easy C, G, & G7
  • Picado #004: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Strings
  • Basics #005: Finger Placement
  • Picado #005: Using The Thumb
  • Finger Independence #003: chromatic @ 5th fret – all strings
  • Arpeggio #005: P-I-M-A with C and G7
  • Scales #007: Open Position Notes Practice
  • Integration #002: p-i-m-a + DUHU With Am-Dm-E7
  • Arpeggio #001: The P-I-M-A picking pattern
  • Scales #001: Natural Notes in Open Position on the First String
  • Basics #004: String Memorization Exercise
  • Arpeggio #010: p-i-m-a-m-i + Alternating Bass with Amin & E7
  • Picado #001: Intro to Picado
  • Song #001: How to Play “Estrellita” (Twinkle Star)
  • Chords #003: G7 in Open Position
  • Scales #002: Natural Notes in Open Position on the First 2 Strings
  • Arpeggio #009: “The Most Evolved” Pattern
  • Song #020: How to Play The Most Evolved |
  • How to Play “Fuerte”
  • Tremolo
  • Tricks of the Trade #001: How to Reinforce Your Nails with Glue

Instant Access to all Currently available TAB / Sheet Music Titles


Cancel Anytime…and keep the sheet music you’ve downloaded!!
(If you cancel you will no longer have access to video, and sheet music, but you can always resume membership at a later date.)

  • Aguila Cosmica
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Azul
  • Fuerte
  • No Pretense
  • Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief
  • Revolution
  • Signal Urchin Rostrum
  • Sentinel
  • To Live
  • The Most Evolved
  • A Walk to The Lake
  • Un Tren
  • With Love

$7.95 per month

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  1. John
    6 months ago

    Comments for this page are closed. Please post comments here:

    I’d love to hear from you!

    John H. Clarke

  2. Brian
    7 months ago

    Hello John, I’ve been working on your lessons for quite a while now. I cannot tell you how happy I am with how they are structured. I love the fact you give us basics with a few chords. We can then take the information and format and apply them to other chords to make us more rounded players. I teach guitar at a school and share your techniques, style and youtube videos with my students. You inspire them greatly. Keep up the super work. I will keep in touch. Take Care. Brian

  3. Jay
    7 months ago

    Dear John,
    Awesome work on your songs man! I had started learning guitar,
    but as I don’t get much time I can’t learn or practice it. Neither can I attend my
    guitar classes,nor can I play finely! Just checked your song “The Most Evolved”
    on youtube! I just fell in love with your style of playing. You have inspired me back
    to continue learning guitar! I want to be a fine and a fluent guitarist like you!


  4. Luan Dinh
    7 months ago

    Dear John,
    I am going to sign up to download Guitar Pro TAB and tutorial of songs: The Most Evolved and Tempested
    But I can not find Tempested (Serrano, Juan) in your Full List of currently available TAB / Sheet Music Titles.
    May I get access to these songs ?
    Best regards,

    • John
      7 months ago

      You can get the sheet music and tabs for “Tempestad” in Juan Serrano’s excellent book called ‘Flamenco Basic Techniques’

  5. stan
    8 months ago

    U r the man. Gonna subscribe soon. The style u play Spanish guitar clicks to me. Wanna learn from u bro.

  6. SpCedar
    8 months ago

    This should be far more active with member student comments and participation. John’s lessons present a great opportunity to learn Spanish guitar correctly. I must say, I have continued on through these lessons, now into arpeggios, without any extra communication with the teacher. The lesson progressions are that well thought out. Even at this early stage, John’s foundation lessons have build meter as well as finger independence. So if this old Marine can do this, with great pleasure, anyone world wide can jump in and tune up. Embarrassed to be the only poster here. SpCedar (Mike)

  7. SpCedar
    8 months ago

    Wow…cool pull off on Cords Lesson #4

  8. mike
    8 months ago

    Just a quick thanks for creating these lessons. Your short, clear and progressive exercises are very effective. I’m in to the second week and some confusion from nine months of hard work on a variety of You Tube lessons, are suddenly cleared up. I’ve memorized a few Spanish phrases and one song using tabs, but starting again at the very beginning under your direction, with metronome, corrects all the poor pacing and interval (clearly picked and spaced notes) problems. Safe to say, I’m aboard for the full voyage John. Keep up the great work. Mike

  9. Luis Belo
    9 months ago

    Hi John,

    It was a pleasure to hear you in that little concert on Fisherman’s Wharf SF. It was just Fantastic. I enjoy every single note that night.

    Your CD’s are great, some red wine on the balcony with my Wife and I just feel the Andalusia Mediterranean Sea Breeze.

    Thank you.
    Luis Belo

  10. oscar molina
    10 months ago

    Hi john,

    you’re awesome, and right after I’m done with this comment i will sign up. I love your music. I was also wondering if you could post sheet music for “mais que nada” it’s not flamenco but it’s worth playing it.

    thanks john.

  11. Mohanned
    11 months ago

    Hi John,

    I’ve always been a fan of your playing. However, I have a question. Does your lessons include teaching how to read music tabs? And is it necessary for me to learn how to read music to apply for you lessons? Because I never had any classes nor lessons on how to read musical tabs and I always face problems learning songs, I mimic the style instead.


    • John
      10 months ago

      Hi Mohanned,

      Thanks for your message. It is not necessary to read either standard notation or tablature to learn from my online video lessons since I teach from the absolute beginning. I certainly encourage learning how to read music, but it is not necessarily for becoming a better guitarist.

      I wish you the Best!


  12. pat
    11 months ago

    Hi John,

    Great playing and lessons! How well do you think some of these spanish techniques would go on a Godin nylon string guitar as opposed to just a regular classical guitar?

    thank you,


    • John
      11 months ago

      Hi Pat,
      The techniques will go just fine with a Godin. Godins are typically easier to play than regular classical guitars because of the thinner neck and lower action.


  13. Melanie Gitsham
    11 months ago

    A friend has just introduced me to your music – beautiful! Is there any way of getting the sheet music for the violin part/parts in Aurora Borealis?
    With thanks

    • John
      11 months ago

      Hi Melanie,

      Good question. I think I might actually have the string parts, somewhere. They were arranged by Minna Choi of the Magic Magic Orchestra. I will try to find them and put them up at my main website Also, contact me here, to remind me in a couple of weeks if I forget! Cheers!


  14. Avery
    12 months ago

    Hi, ive downloaded this twice now because i suspected the first time the payment didnt go through since it was on my phone but now i know it went through on the PC but i cant login. Help would be lovely.

  15. Jeremia
    12 months ago

    i have subscribed a few days ago…waiting to be activated…looking forward to learning some new things on guitar

    • John
      11 months ago

      Hi Jerry, Thanks for signing up. Sorry its taken little while longer for account activation with the echeck payment. Hopefully that echeck has gone through and you have gotten your login info email. I wish you the best.

  16. Sylvain Métivier
    12 months ago

    Hi John,
    I brought a guitar lesson about a year ago. I don’t remember for how long the lesson was good for but anyway, I can’t get access to it and when I ask for my pass word, I have no respond from you.
    Please can you verified my log in?



    • John
      11 months ago

      Hi Sylvain,

      Yes you can still access the lessons you paid for. I just checked and your account is still active. I am sorry you weren’t able to log in. I am about to resend your login in details. Keep in mind that certain email providers like Yahoo and Hotmail are sometimes too aggressive with their spam filtering. So please check your spam folder if its not immediately in your inbox. Also for a quicker response to service issues please contact me here:
      I wish you the best.

  17. rajesh
    12 months ago

    You are wonderful person. After seeing your Youtube vedios (tempested and Most evolved) I brought a Guitar at age 34. Now I need to find time to learn. I will subscribe soon. I brought the one with metal strings. That’s the only one I get in India
    Thanks a lot for making my life more musical

    • John
      12 months ago

      Welcome Rahash! So glad you have taken up to learn guitar! You can still practice with metal strings until you can find a classical guitar. -John

  18. Phil
    1 year ago

    Is this a shake down? Why can I not log in to this site even though I paid my subscription. I will cancel my credit card payment tomorrow. Sickening.

    • John
      12 months ago

      Hi Phil, this certainly isn’t a shake down! I run the site myself. I am sorry you had problems logging in. A problem that people have been having is that Hotmail is filtering out the email containing the login info. Please check your spam for folder and add to your safe list in hotmail to ensure you get emails about your account. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


      John H. Clarke

  19. ati
    1 year ago

    Hi John,

    I recently purchased your lessons from for $47, if I had come across this website I would have subscribe to this first. Anyways, I am still going to subscribe but do you think its better to complete the lessons from and then start this? I am not a beginner to guitar or spanish guitar, but never learnt the correct way, I am all self taught, but by following your videos I am learning a lot of stuff in a very structured way. Thanks.

    • John
      12 months ago

      Hi Ati,

      Thanks for signing up! and are the same website. I just changed the name permanently to “” You will see when you enter the address “” it just takes you to “”

      The beginning guitar lesson series is pretty much the same. Now with the monthly subscription I am including song tutorials and more advanced lessons. So I would say finish going through the beginner lessons and then sign up for the “Full Membership” that offers access to all my sheet music plus advanced tutorials.

      All the Best,

      John H. Clarke

  20. Rashad
    1 year ago

    Thanks for such nice performances. I’ve almost watched all your videos.
    Is it still possible to subscribe and get access outside US ?

    Ha det :)

  21. Block Board
    1 year ago

    I love the way you play the guitar. And i’d like to play as you do.
    But i want to ask you to make a public video that explain how to adjust the acoustik guitar strings.
    And thank you anyways :).


    • John
      12 months ago

      Hi Aya,

      First of all thank you for visiting! You are right a video lesson on how to install guitar strings and tune would be very good. I hope to do that soon!


  22. Saurav Bista
    1 year ago

    I just love the way you play.I love the Spanish Music. I dont know more about music but i think you are doing very good..God Bless You..Amigo

  23. shemsyllia
    1 year ago

    you’re greate

  24. Gary Crase
    1 year ago

    Just love to hear you play spanish guitar, would love to learn how to play but not sure how much talent is required to play for a beginner. Is there a sample video lesson I can watch to see if I can understand enough to even learn how to play. You make it look so easy when you play with little effort but I know it takes real talent to do what you do. Thanks for your reply. Gary

    • John
      1 year ago

      Hi Gary! Thanks for stopping by. For a beginner you don’t actually need any unusual talent! What you need is patience with yourself and a regular daily practice routine. Learning music is a lifelong investment in yourself. I have a lot of lessons for beginners so I suggest signing up and see how you like it. You can cancel anytime. Cheers! -John

  25. brumelot
    1 year ago

    Hello i paid and i downloald tablature but i can’t return in the web site with the lesson…!

    • John
      1 year ago

      I have resent your password in your email. Make sure it didn’t get filtered to your spam folder–sometimes Hotmail does that. Also, contact me here if you have further trouble.

  26. Juan
    1 year ago

    Dear John H. C.

    I believe you are one of the finest classical guitarist. I enjoy your videos and hope one day learn to play the guitar you way.


  27. Remark
    1 year ago

    Can I found tutorials for my fingers here ? :) great music , John

  28. ben
    1 year ago

    sirs I would please like to take Spanish guitar lessons

  29. fly
    1 year ago

    Hello John,

    I want to just buy the tabs for 1 song, may be a video lesson to go with it. You should offer this type of individual pieces instead of a subscription.


    • John
      12 months ago

      Thanks for your comment. I offer the subscription at a very reasonable rate and you can cancel anytime and still keep the tabs/sheet music you downloaded. I hope you will sign up and learn a lot!

  30. Pedro
    1 year ago

    been following you cool mexican style sounds.

  31. michael
    1 year ago

    hi john how can I download the tabs?

    • John
      12 months ago

      You can download the tabs by signing up for membership. Thanks for visiting!

  32. Carolann Kaiser
    1 year ago

    Discovered you this morning – can’t stop listening to your playing.
    I read music – haven’t got a clue about tabs – but I guess I could learn. Returning to play the guitar after a ten year absence , so a bit like a beginner right now – technically, I need help!

    • John
      1 year ago

      Hi Carolann,

      Thanks for your comment. All my transcriptions include standard notation. Video lesson will refresh you on technique. Great that your starting up the guitar again!


  33. Jr
    1 year ago

    Mr. john, how can I download the tabs? Any clue? I have no idea..

    • John
      1 year ago

      Hi JR, sheet music & tabs are available for download once you sign up for membership and log in.